Enjoy one of our immersive, story-based puzzle experiences from the comfort of your home! Each to-go puzzle box includes everything you’ll need for an evening of fun for two to six players. All you need is your internet-connected phone or tablet, your wits, and your appetite! Each game box is $39.99 +tx.  Questions? Check out our FAQ's



"Something...weird is going on here..."


You are the newest volunteers for the Woodland Heroes Volunteer Program but something doesn’t feel quite right. Why is the program suddenly opening again, exactly 20 years after six volunteers were murdered in these very woods?

Skipper is investigating and needs your help.

Throughout this collaborative experience, you must work together to follow a series of clues, solve puzzles and use your phone to help Skipper navigate the woods and shut down the program before it’s too late!

Good luck, volunteers...


How to Play:

  1. Check all documents and items for clues.

  2. Follow directions and be prepared to send text messages or make calls.


  • 1hr Playtime

  • 2 to 6 Players

  • Each box includes two wing dinners

  • Mobile phone required

  • Ages 16+


Question not answered here? Call your local Wacky's during business hours!
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Q: What's a "MYSTERY BOX experience?" 

A: A self-contained story in a box told through journal entries, audio files, videos, and most importantly, puzzles! Each box has everything you'll need for an evening of fun! - 

Q: What's included in each experience? 

A: All the materials you'll need to solve your way through your story! Browse through our Order Online and pair it with your favourite Wacky's meals.


Q: How much is a MYSTERY BOX?

A: $49.99 +tx, each to-go puzzle box includes everything you’ll need for an evening of fun for two to six players.

Q: Do you deliver?

A: We do! Check your location for details. Order Online Here

Q: Can I choose anything on the menu for my included meal?

 A: You'll be able to add any items we offer on our online ordering.Including all of our additional restaurants on our Online Ordering site.  Order Online Here Vegetarian friends, we've got you covered as well! 

Q: Can I buy this for someone as a gift?

 A: Sure can!  You can pick it up or have it delivered to the address indicated on your order. 


Q: What do I need to play?

A: An internet connection, your phone/tablet, your appetite, and your wits! 

Q: Can I play this by myself? 

A: For sure! Solo adventurers can certainly go it alone! 


Q: What if we want to play on VIDEO CHAT with more than six players?

A: Go for it! Each group will need to order their own box, but you can easily play via your favorite video chat app! 

Q: Are the puzzle boxes kid-friendly? 

A: Our experiences are intended for guests aged 16 & over, but the content mostly stays on the PG-13 side... 

Q: How long do these take to play? 

A: Average playtime approximately 1 hour. 

Q: How can I get a box? 

A: Order online, or contact your local Wacky's! All boxes are available for COVID-safe curbside pickup!