Group Rewards

Thank you for your interest in our Group Wacky Rewards Program.

It's very simple!

Card holders will collect one reward point for every dollar spent. At the end of the season/year, points can be redeemed in-store or supplied in the form of a cheque.

Every time a member of your group visits Wacky's,
have them show their Group Wacky Rewards card to collect their rewards.


  • You spend $100

  • You earn 100 REWARD POINTS

  • 100 REWARD POINTS = $15.00

(redeemed in-store, or supplied in the form of a cheque)





*Group Name
Organization Name
*Season Start Date
*Season End Date
All group sponsorships are up for renewal after 1 year.)
*Number of Members
*Group Type
*Group Contact Name
*Group Contact Email
*Group Contact Phone


*Payee Name
The check will be made payable to this name


LAST UPDATED: December 18, 2017

Each team must have a designated "Group Contact" who will manage all communications on behalf of the team. The Group Contact is responsible for monitoring the reward and redemption of Team Points. If your Group is approved by WACKY'S, the following conditions apply: WACKY'S will provide 1 Wacky Group Rewards card per group member. Lost or stolen Group Wacky Reward Cards cannot be replaced. Each Card Holder must present their Group Reward Card to earn points. Points will be earned on net food sales (excluding tax, tips, and discounts). Purchases of WACKY'S gift cards, and online ordering can not be used to collect points. Points can be redeemed throughout the season or requested in the form of a cheque. Redemption can not be used on alcohol. 1 cheque request per year. WACKY'S will mail a check to the Group for the total donation amount no more than 90 days following the request. All group sponsorships are up for renewal after 1 year. Wacky's Group Reward Points can only be earned and used at any participating Wacky's in accordance with the program terms and conditions. Offer subject to change without notice. Other restrictions may apply.

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